Refinance Your Existing Home

Are you interested in refinancing your existing home? Richard’s network is full of refinancing specialists trained to help you with things like:

• Cash out to pay credit cards or other bills
• Cash to make home improvements
• Lower your monthly payments
• Lower your interest rate
• Let the equity in your home work for you!!


Interested in getting pre-approved for a mortgage before shopping for your next home? Richard’s loan officers will get you the best rate and mortgage program for your home buying needs.

• Pre-Approval in Minutes
• First time Home Buyers Specialist
• USDA Loans – 100% Financing
• FHA Loans
• Weekend Closings
• One stop shopping, no red tape experience!
• Veteran Loans with no money down.   Richard is also a Veteran.


Know Your Budget

One of the big advantages of getting pre-approved is that you are going to know how much home you can realistically afford – it may be more than you think! This way, you will know how much your mortgage payment is going to be ahead of time. Many people spend time looking at properties that they could never get approved for. If you get pre-approved, you are not going to have to worry about this problem.

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Increase Negotiating Power

Another advantage to getting pre-approved for a mortgage is it will increase your negotiating power. When you start looking at properties after being pre-approved, real estate agents and sellers are going to feel more confident going to work with your best interests in mind. If you make an offer on a property, it is automatically going to jump ahead of offers from people not pre-approved. When buyers are not pre-approved, this represents a level of uncertainty for the seller.

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