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Current Openings : Loan Officers Needed Immediately

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  • Answer Phone calls from Radio ads with people that are inquiring about buying or refinancing a home.
  • 99% of our business is securing mortgage financing for primary residences.
  • Make outbound calls to people that have filled out a form on www.homewithrichard.com after hearing it on the radio inquiring about buying or refinancing a home.
  • Chat with Real Estate Agents that have joined www.realbrokermatch.com to meet new lenders and build beneficial relationships.
  • Call Realtors referrals and leads and evaluate to get the prospect approved for home ownership.
  • Send Real Estate agents home buyer leads
  • Make Calls to consumers that have made a phone appointment with our call center to buy or refinance a home
  • Make Outbound Calls to Internet leads
  • Find potential clients, individuals in need of loans
  • Specialize in primary residence mortgage loans
  • Help clients apply for loans and advise them of loan options and help determine which is best for consumer
  • Advise consumers that do not qualify for a loan what they need to do in order to become qualified.
  • Keep our Realtor partners up to date on EVERYTHING
  • Have a great attitude, be professional, knowledgeable and have fun.

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